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Kishore - Sole mate of solitary souls

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I have always found songs of Kishore very enthralling and submerging. His voice is the boldest voice among all the male singers of India I have witnessed in my life and still so mellifluous and tuneful! While I am writing this I have already listened to his songs - third one is in progress- 'O mere dil ke chain/ Chain aaye mere dil ko dua kijiye". 

Kishore was a self -made singer who never got training under some guru and so are his songs. Even while being composed by some legend musician like R.D.Burman or else his songs are more a "Kishore songs" than of anyone else. Everyone is sent to sideline whether he is musician or lyricist and you experience only the sterling soul of Kishore. A Kishore who is always at his top, with his full openness and nonchalance. He is the most uncrafty man to the bottom and at the peak of the art. 

The songs of Kishore can be grouped mainly in two types -Light listening and Melancholic (sometimes also called "Sad songs"). Both are unparalleled in their respective genres. The Light-listening songs are full of enthusiasm and energy. They are booster of your energy and fills you with positivity and pleasure even when you are in the face of high-altitude glooms of your life. And what to talk about his sad songs - they emerge directly from his core of heart and goes straight to that of yours in a jiffy. You feel that he is not singing and just mentioning his true state of affairs. The lines I have listened just now are - "Aa mai teri yaad me sabko bhula doon/ Duniya ko teri tasweer bana doon / Mera bas chale toh dil cheer ke dikha doon". 

His sad songs are not a booster. Booster and tonics are needed by children. I mean when your difficulties and pains are mild and when it is just at the level of disposition or mood it can help. But when you are in the midst of an ocean of sorrows and when you feel so dejected that everything is inanimate for you and when the harsh adversities are so perennial that no silver lining is expected in your lifetime it is the sad songs of Kishore that console you that there is at least one more person in this condition.
Author - Hemant Das 'Him'
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