Saturday 25 September 2021

"Varta Re Varta" - a Gujarati play presented at Scrapyard, Ahmedabad on 24.9.2021

Light at the end of every tunnel

Every problem has a solution howsoever difficult that may be. A crowd of kids, children and their parents were extremely thrilled after the presentation of the Gujarati play "Varta Re Varta" directed by Yash Varan and performed at the open stage of Scrapyard, Paldi (Ahmedabad).

With a sheer skill of immaculate acting supported by costumes and a splash of background sound such a marvelous drama can be served to the viewers without any set or properties, it was doubtlessly proved by the director and his  team. Crows, Lions, Monkeys were not just playing their roles but having a eye-to-eye chat with the kids in the front row of the audience too. The jubilant cry and shouting amassed the duration of the performance. The dialogues too became interactive and sometimes reciprocal too. The audience was fully immersed in the scenes.

The story is an adaptation from a folklore of Turkistan. Akil is a child from a family of bird-catching profession. Akil also indulges himself in bird catching. He catches a female crow who asks her to free her so that she could help him in catching a beautiful bird. Akil agrees and both of them become good friends. The female Crow Kakari helps Akil in getting a beautiful bird which is taken to the Sultan (King) by Akil. The King praises Akil and makes him his favourite person. The Wazir (Minister) grew jealous of Akil and tries to put him in trouble again and again. But with the help of Kakari, Akil is able to find solution of even a seemingly impossible problems like getting teeth of elephants for building the bird's prison, making the bird singing and bringing a panacea for the ailing queen. All the courses of action he undertook for the solution takes you to an imaginary world and you treads into a fairyland meeting beautiful nymphs.

Acting by all actors was befitting to the role though Wazir, Lion& Sultan (double role), Kakadi, Akil really impressed in terms of dialogue delivery and facial expression. The body language of lion was superbly realistic with an adequate dignity in King's role. The Wazir looked a truly cunning and jealous person with an exemplary use of countenance. Kakadi (crow) was perfect in her body language and Akil really looked liked in a difficulty again and again. The beautiful bird, The queen and her fairy friends were all good at dancing too with their gorgeous looks. The whole presentation was highly enchanting and every child is bound to make a connection with the play effortlessly. The storyline moves linear but impressive fashion. Children would like to watch it again and again.

The play based on Turkish folklore was conceptualised in Gujarati by Yash Varan. The adaptation is seamless and natural. 

The play was directed by Yash Varan,  Lyrics and Music by Mayank Oza and the actors were  Het Panchal, Teertha Bhatt, Suraj Nayak, Kshitij Kapoor, Lipi Trivedi, Palak Srivastav, Tarun Dalwadi, Ishita Thakkar, Ajaz Sheikh, Amit Prajapati, Daxesh Anand, Depesh Vadgama, Simanj Choudhary, Ritik Dalwani, Idrish Mansoori, Jigar Vora, Dhruv Mesiya, Aman Sadhavni. Musicians and Singers from the background were Piyush Makwana, Sritej Bhatt, Setulaxmi Rajan, Vidish Raval, Hardik Parmar, Ruben Joshef, Bhavi Bhatt  Lights was taken care by Bhavya Doshi.

Costumes was prepared by Teertha Bhatt, Makeup  was given by Lipi Trivedi. Kabir Thakore also helped in the presentation.
Review by - Hemant Das 'Him'
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