Monday 4 November 2019

Saandh ki Aankh - directed by Tusar Hiranandani/ - A review of movie

Aiming at male chauvinism

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Men and women live in different silos. Their rights are absolutely different. One has to serve and other has to get served. Whereas the men should be proud of just  puffinng on Hukkah without doing a work, in case of women, the destiny is to do all inner and outer work of a household trampling all of their personal desires that include to show off even their inborn exceptional talent in a sport.

Barring one instance when woman pronounce 'fork' differently the whole film is absolutely untouched by any sort of obscene or objectionable matter,

It is only in the last two seconds of the film when the main character (Prakash Jha) seems to have given up his stance of male chauvinism.

Leaving a promising medical profession a young doctor has  come to the village and has opened a shooting range in a village of Haryana. It's a highly male dominated culture prevailing in the village. Girls and women are not allowed to go out of house for any progress in their life. Two teenager girls sneak into the training centre with the help of their grandmothers and urge the trainer to train them. When the trainer conduct the initial test he finds that the girls and women in the village are far superior to the laggard boys as far as the shooting talent is concerned. Making some excuses like going to perform puja the teenager girls come daily to the centre and master the skills of shooting. The inborn talent reaches an unprecedented height when combined with training. Rest is the story how they go to participate in the national tournaments in other cities and one of them wins the national title.

It is also revealed that the grandmothers are exceptional shooters in their own stead. They also participate in national tournaments and win. But the point to notice is that the head of family and all matured male members are kept in dark about the real progress of girls and grandma's on shooting turf and for a venture in game like  participation in tournament they have to come up with a new excuse every time mostly related to some religious purpose.

The beauty of the adamance is that even after the women win national gold medals the male lubbers keep abusing females on why they didn't tell them about their sin of participation of the games. The story comes to a happy end and the director has deliberately elongated the last scene so as to let you feel the sweetness, slice by slice.

The story moves on a social track rather than on an emotional thread. There is no individual character in the movie. All are just a unit of the village society. What Taapsee Pannu, Bhumi Pednekar and Prakash Jha feel do not matter what is felt by the section of the society in that place matters more.

The story proceeds in a streamline flow where you know from where you started and to what point you will reach. And there is no dramatic turns either. Yet, sheer authenticity of the undercurrent social tussle as expressed in a Haryanvi tongue engage you deeply.  No doubt, a story writer's  elbow room is highly constrained in a biopic yet the dialogue writer has utlised all the leeway he could get.

All the songs with tinge of a purely rustic 'womania' style give a sonorous effect you love and that too without support of musical instruments. The lyrics are also catchy and match to the theme. The costumes worn by the characters are truly Haryanvi. For the set of the scenes we must thank the set designer that you perfectly feel like being in a village. The training cenre's set is even more authentic with mortarless wall. The scenes shot in the Palace of the queen of Alwar are picturesque help in maintaining the scenic equilibrium of the viewers.

I have no qualms to register my grievance why one of the grandmothers (Dadi Ma) preferred not to look like a Dadi. And she looks just like a full grown woman nearly of 40 rather than a grandmother of 60 as required. At least she could have worked a little more  on customised smile and gait befitting to 60.

Prakash Jha, the renowned director since four decades showed his true mettle in acting and impressed thoroughly. The direction of Tushar Hianandani has been successful in taking remarkable acting from Taapsee Pannu, Bhumi Pednekar and Kuldeep Sarin. The trainer has impressed everyone with his candid smile of teacher's satisfaction while his students win in the tournament.

The people may love to watch this movie with their family particularity with daughters, wife and mother.. The filmmaker has made a successful movie.

Cast of the movie -
Directed by Tushar Hiranandani.  Produced by Anurag Kashyap  Reliance Entertainment,  Nidhi Parmar.   Written by Jagdeep Sidhu (dialogue),  Screenplay by Balwinder Singh Janjua,, Taapsee,  Pannu,  Bhumi Pednekar,,  Prakash Jha,  Vineet Kumar Singh.  Music by Songs: Vishal MishrScore: Advait Nemlekar,  Cinematography Sudhakar Reddy Yakkanti. Edited by Devendra Murdeshwar,  Production company - Reliance Entertainment,  Chalk and Cheese Films,  Release date - 25.10.2019.  Running time -  146 minutes,  Country India,  Language Hindi

Review by - Hemant Das 'Him'
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