Tuesday 20 December 2022

"Dil Hai Ashikana" staged by Purvabhyas at Versowa (Mumbai) on 17.12.2022

 Love, love and love

हिंदी में समीक्षा के लिए - यहाँ क्लिक कीजिए

It is upon you. Either you go by the wishes of your children on their love matters or be ready to face a catastrophe.

The .story is simple. Makkhan Singh and Malai Devi are respectively from Punjab and Bihar and are happily married to each other. Their daughter Tintin studइies for MBA in a college where she has a classmate Chatkar and both are in love. Since Chatkar is not yet earning, Makkhan is not agree for the marriage of his daughter Tintin with Chatkar. Tintin's mother Malai is sympathetic towards her daughter and makes a plan so as to get Tintin's father (Makkhan) ready for this marriage. Tintin is advised by her mother to act like she has gone in psychopathic stage of deep depression. Then, she consults a drama-artist Bhawara and asks him to disguise as a wedding match-maker. The match-maker Bhanwara brings the lover Chatkar in a different make-up who tries to impress Makkhan. But Makkhan catch hold of his beard and comes to know that he is being cheated. He dares them from this marriage. Here Makkhan's wife Malai intervenes and put forth the point that if the children are not allowed to marry by their choice then they can flee away and also honor killing like situation may arise. On this, Makkhan comes to senses and gives his consent for the marriage. 

There is one more young lady Bulbul as an important cast. She is a beautiful flirtatious domestic help. Mama (brother of Malai) is a character who is hankering for the love from Bulbul and the driver-cum-manager Chirkut is already there who keeps on claiming that Bulbul is his fiancée. Bulbul does not deny this claim but keeps on love-making with all the other boys simultaneously. 

The play is a comedy full of witty dialogues, dance and romance. A wholesome entertainment is what you get. Some chirpy political comments are inserted in the script showing a tinge of ideological inclination of the writer but goes well with the fervour of humour. Producer Prairna Agarwal has herself written the script which consists of numerous frequently chainging tiny shots of scenes. Credit goes to her for keeping the script taut without any slag. Makkhan Singh (Navin Agrawal) was also the director of the play. He and Prairna (Malai Devi) have not merely acted marvelously with perfect facial expressions, body movements and dialogue delivery but also have been able to extract the max potential of the new actors out. 

While Tintin (Neetesh Yadav) has been able to establish herself as a modern diva who is a loyal to her partner too, Bulbul established herself as quite the opposite pole of it. Mama looked truly a loser in love-game and Chirkut impressed with his possessive gesticulations. And last but not the least the Bhanwara stole the hearts with his romantic gestures.

The name of the actors were Navin Agarwal, Prairna Agarwal, Ayush Rastogi, Neetesh Yadav, Akash Mishra, Ritika Vaishnav, Mayank Sharma and Ankur Shukla.

This play is like a relaxing dose for all facing a burdensome life. 

Review by - Hemant Das 'Him'
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