Wednesday 19 April 2023

"Case No.99" - Gujarati play staged at Tejpal Hall, Mumbai on 16.4.2023

"Who lives with you?"

"Why did you pick up my call after I made two calls earlier in a row?"
"I just entered my house at the very moment."
Why my phone call was cut from your side after being picked up before that?
"There is a technical snag and phone connection cuts automatically.
""Well, then why it rang fully without any cut just before the subsequent two call??
"Who lives with you?"

"There is still a fresh flower garland on the wall photo-frame of your husband who died far 6 months ago?"
"Yes, I still love him as must as earlier."
"Who puts the garland on his photo?"
"Of course, I."
"Can you show me the back of the photo-frame? Just try."
"Oh... my hands are not reaching the photo."
"Take the help of a stool or table."
"You should know there is no such furniture in my house.....!!!!"

There are many other tiny bits of findings also which established the complicity of the wife! But the shocking discovery is altogether a different news.

The suspense thriller Gujarati play takes to you an amusing ride of suspense though with a lull and breeze of air to keep you at constant comfort. You hardly feel a jerk and still enjoy the show which basically hinges upon the framing of scenes. Full of topsy-turvy turns and altered circumstances keeps you engaged throughout the show. The dance and music was like added bounty. The specially noticeable backstage contributions other than music and dance were from the set concept and the dress design.

Vipul Vithlani, Deepali Bhuta, Vistasp Gotla and Savan Dodhiya were among the actors in the play. All the actors have acted well. While Vipul Vithlani was in full form as a detective police officer, Deepali Bhuta took her utmost care in putting the nervousness of wife completely on stage, Vistasp Gotla was also dashing with a gait and demeanor of an unscrupulous husband. Sawan was exactly confused as required.

Though "some unheard sort of" element in the storyline might have attracted more audience this play can definitely be called as a successful one. The play through it's performance gives you the worth of the ticket you bought.

Review by- Hemant Das 'Him'
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