Small Bite-4 / Mithila paintings by Nutan Bala and photographs of historic statues excavated recently exhibited in Darbhanga on 24.1.2019

Colour, pattern and design all make you pious
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Mithila paintings has an intrinsic beauty. A sweet aroma soothes your spirit in an ambiance surrounded by Mithila paintings. The subject though vary from God-goddess to adorned beauty of a lissome lady, the feelings you get is invariably pure and pious. The display of colour-combination, the patterns of design and the themes all have their own magics to spell when a painter like Nutan Bala puts her painting on the wall.

Dr. Chandra Shekhar Singh, DM of Darbhanga inaugurated the exhibition of Mithila paintings created by Nutan Bala at Maharajadhiraj Laxmishwar Singh Museum, Darbhanga. An exhibition of photographs by Shiva Kumar Mishra of recently excavated statues was also held along with this. The paintings of Nutan Bala emerges at the  confluence of tradition, ethnicity and contemporary experiences. A significant number of viewers are flocking together to view the paintings which shall be on the walls of museum till 3rd of February, 2019 or a later date.
Artist - Nutan Bala
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