Tuesday 6 September 2022

"Patna ka Superhero" performed by D for Drama at Versova (Mumbai) on 27.8.2022

 The more unbuilt you are the more it bangs!

Your substance of life does not actually lie in the happenings but around the air surrounding them. A hero is just an other man without an air of being something very very dreadful. D for Drama's play "Patna ka superhero" was performed at Creative Adda, Versova, Mumbai on 27.8.2022.

The story is around the air of dominance swaying deep into the social fabric of an underdeveloped province like Bihar. Radhe, a student of 11th Class is the boss of his school. The students are under his awe. Suddenly a newcomer boy of just 9th Class challenges his 'heroism' by slapping twice in response to one slap he received. Radhe challenges this impudent junior one to face him at the sweet shop outside the school campus and surprisingly his challenge is accepted. How this thin-built boy later sobriqueted as 'Lappd' took the bull by the horns? What was the secret of his invisible force? These are the questions vexing the mind of Manoj a classmate of Lappad. 

Well, all his queries came to end when a superman type "Pintu Bhaiya" appeared at once at the pre-determined spot for war. Everyone including Radhe became meek before him and served him with samosa and cold-drink. Pintu Bhaiya accepted that all condescendingly and warned that Lappad was his protege so no harm should be done to him in future.  The subjugable mind of Manoj now dreams of coming nearer to Pintu Bhaiya so that everyone feels an awe of him. Somehow he succeeds in winning the patronage of Pintu Bhaiya by joining his team of followers. Not much later, on the basis of his sycophancy talent he makes inroads to the innermost coterie circle of Pintu Bhaiya and now feels like becoming a primeminister of some soverign king. 

One day, while taking round of his dominated territory Pintu Bhaiya suddenly came across a damsel in her sweet sixteen and  his heart was blown away at the very first sight. The girl was Swati Sinha, a 11th class student. Now begins the phase of standing below in front of her balcony every now and then. He even helped one of his henchman to open a tea shop just on that spot so to make it a regular hangout. He take to waiting there for hours to get a glance of the beauty of his one-sided beloved girl. Manoj helps Pintu Bhaiya in his love endeavours towards Swati like a Hanuman. whosoever else dares to stand there is beaten up severely by Pintu Bhaiya. The girl has several friends including a number of boys. And no need to mention that ultimately this forcibly pursued one-way love story of Pintu Bhaiya comes to it's logical end. But you will surprise to learn that all the details of love story mentioned so far is not the theme of the play.

The essence of the play comes in the climax which is in fact a severest anti-climax that can be thought over by any layman like Manoj. And to the surprise of viewers this anti-climax does not come from the side of Swati Sinha, it is from Pintu Bhaiya from where comes the greatest anathema of Manoj's fancy imaginations. It was really horrific! Can a superhero turn in such a persona and still the whole world is moving like the other day! Gosh! What a travesty! What in fact is surprising is the end scene and deliberately we are not going to divulge that here.

The whole play is a cocktail of script and acting. More than half of acting has already been done in the script itself and the actor had just to take it to a grand finesse! The colloquial dialogues take you to the innermost street of a far-flung stretch in Bihar. The storyline was just a Bihari' mode of the fairytale that lies on all's mouths while they are in their sweet 'teens' - a hero and a lovely youthful girl. What was stunning was the chasteness of 'Bihari-pana'! The more unbuilt you are the more it bangs!

Ghanshyam Lalsa made it possible to live all the characters  himself changing intermittently the whole gamut of body-language and voice-modulation! I already mentioned that the writer had already done half of the acting with his colloquialism and mohallewala storyline. This was Nihal Parasar who penned all the stuff and also directed the play. Kunal Sharma was on lights and music was by Harpreet. The other guys and gals behind the stage were Divyendu Saurabh, Sumitraj Yadav, Padmaja, Robin Patel, Kuldeep, Prerana and Mithil.

Review by - Hemant Das 'Him'
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