Saturday 10 September 2022

"Resting in peace" staged at Khar, Mumbai on 4.9.2022

The biggest punishment


Love is made to end in infidelity. That's well! But the moot point is what kind of most tortuous punishment should be meted out to the rival who snatched out your love. This play centers upon the crux of issue of infidelity saga. 

The spirit of Savio rises from his coffin and participates in an unstructured symposium on love life. Two other spirits Jimmy and Edward who have also been spurned in their respective love saga are there to participate. All the three storm-beaten souls share their unsuccessful experiences in love-ventures when they were alive. Ultimately, Savio is allowed to fulfil his last wish in this after-life phase. And what can be more cherished for a love-burnt vanquished soul than to devise a prolonged tortuous death of the love-adversary. The question arises here what can be the ways to implement this. Should the rival lover be first amputated mercilessly and then be tortured through the improper medical treatment in the hospital leading to watch himself helplessly to be poisoned forcibly to death? Something like this is one of the ways they ponder upon. They contemplate a lot of methods to give the maximum torture and for the longest duration. What plan they actually work out can be seen in the theatre.

Avirat Parekh has let the actors perform in a no-holds-barred manner and yet come out with a coherent progression of actions. Among three characters Savio maintains a normal degree of acting and between Jimmy and Edward one is calm and other is overly reactive. It means, all the three degrees of acting - positive, comparative and superlative are under operation at a time by the innovative director Avirat Parekh who is also the author of the play. Arjun Tanwar, Vishesh Arora and Kashish Saluja have done their best. To complement the anthology of love there was also a lady actor who too did justice with her character.

Review by - Hemant Das 'Him'
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