Saturday 11 March 2023

"Lalka Paag" - Maithili movie screened in Mumbai University on 10.3.2023

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 Forceful expression of the woes of a Mithilani
(A report of movie screening event)

(मैथिली मे देखबा लेल - एतय क्लिक करू)
(हिंदी में देखने के लिए - यहाँ क्लिक करके क्र.सं.3 पर जाइये)

"The real turban of a man is his woman who is still with you. Then, why are you weeping?" - Bhola Master tells this to the bitterly weeping Radhakant who is just to join the procession for his own second marriage. He was now crying relentlessly like a boy of Std Three. He could not bear the realisation of the extreme internal pain of his first wife who has been seemingly enthusiastic to the extent that she gave the sanctimoniously preserved headgear (paag) of him so that he could proceed for his second marriage. 

"Lalka Paag" is the masterpiece of the iconic Maithili storyteller Rajkamal Chaudhary.

Maithili feature film “Lalka Paag” was shown in the Seminar Room, Near Gate No.1, University of Mumbai. The director Prashant Nagendra was present in the University premises on this occasion. Most of the viewers were non-Maihil but they said to this reporter that they were able to understand the storyline of the movie. Subtitles were also provided for their convenience.

There were many distinguished persons present on this occasion which included  Bhaskar Jha (renowned Maithili/Enlgish litterateur and an expert on Maihili Movies), renowned TV actress Asmita Sharma, veteran Bhojpuri actor Gopal ji, TV actors Rajiv , Prof. Prasad Thakur, Researcher Vibha Jha, Mithila Media person Mala Jha and blogger Hemant Das ‘Him’ etc.  A large number of students from Department of Communication and Journalism, Mumbai University watched the whole movie with full concentration which tells about the success of it's artistic quality. 

After the show, this reporter asked the viewers about their quick response on the movie. Prof. Prasade Thakur said that notwithstanding the fact that the film has less dialogues, the director has succeeded in communicating his messages through the visual language. This movie is full of the fragrance of Maithili culture. Student Atharva Aloni said that the movie is woman-centric and does not allow the language to come as a barrier in communication. He said that he liked the work of the lead actress a lot even though she was not a professional actor. Student Vinay Yadav and Nilesh Sauthane also praised the movie for the portrayal of pristine Mithila culture. One of the distinguished person said that this is one of the movies which has been shot in the natural ambience of the characters just like in Malyali movies. 

The film was directed by Prashant Nagenrda and was acted by Meena Gautam, Roshan Raj, Shweta Verma and others.

While talking to this reporter the director of the movie Prashant Nagendra said that the even though the movie was completed with a lot of perseverance in terms of music, acting and cinematography it could not get a commercial release because of some legal hurdles. One can watch the videos of songs, best scenes and promos which are easily available on google and can get mesmerised by extremely poignant story supported by heart-wrenching acting and touching songs and other ingredients of a successful movie. Prashant seems to be somewhat depressed the way people stood between it's commercial release time-to-time with wrong reasons as he calls it.

Let us now talk something more about the organiser and some of the guests of the event. Vibha Jha is the person who took initiative for organising it with the help of Mass Communication Deptt of Mumbai Univ. She told us that the veteran actor Mr. Gopal is the first generation actor in Maithili, Magahi and Bhojpuri movie world. Rahul Sinha is the lead actor in Muralidhar's "Sajana ke angana me solah shringar". Rajeev Singh is the main villain in the movie "Sasta jingi mahag sindur". Mona Ray is the lead actress in the same film. Her husband Rakesh  Tripathi is a well-known actor and director of Bhojpuri and Maithili cinema.

Report by - Hemant Das 'Him'
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A scene from the feature film "Lalka Paag"

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