Saturday 6 April 2024

"Friend Request" - Marathi play staged in Mumbai on 30.3.2024

 The nemesis of a daughter

( हिंदी में समीक्षा के लिए -   यहाँ क्लिक करके क्रम सं. 45 देखिए )

A lioness ambushing her prey. Everything in the life of the businessman Madhav is in peril. 

Here is a deserted divorced man languishing with his devastated life. What he misses the most is his lovely daughter who remained under the protection of his ex-wife. Even after his numerous attempts he did not succeed in meeting his daughter. When the daughter grows up she her father as her nemesis who snatched the natural pleasures of her childhood. She plans taking revenge on Madhav and and execute it meticulously. In this digital era, all passwords of Madhav's accounts are hacked and he becomes totally helpless.

Well, how does this happen? Madhav. Feeling the absence of his daughter with him he has turned an insatiable tippler. In this venture a ricksaw driver extends shows a friendly gesture and both become good friends. The girl mentioned above sends a friend request on facebook to that ricksaw driver Jignesh and seems enamored to his romantic gestures. One day, Madhav is surprised to see that girl in his house. The girl is forcibly adamant on staying in his house. Madhav has no way but to allow her. Later on, it comes to surface that the girl is none other that the real daughter of Madhav but surely on a path of revenge. What happens further should be seen in the auditorium.

The two characters of  the father and the daughter are quite opposite. One is master of treachery and full of fury but the other is cool, calm and considerate. The chemistry of contrast goes well with the parent-progeny duo played by the two actors. The actor playing Jignesh left the audience enthralled with his captivating dialogue delivery, quipping replies and persuasive mannerism..  Actors were Ajay Purkar, Aashish Pawar, Priyanka Tendolkar and Atul Mahajan. Director was Kumar Sohoni. 'Friend Request' written by Prasad Dani. 

Sandesh Bendre which conributed from the background and the set-design truly gave the inside view of a upper middle class house.  Ashok Pataki has enriched the show through music. Guru Thakur's song and  Kumar Sohoni  lighting did their work well. Kumar Sohoni also gets a major chunk of credit who somehow succeeded to keep the suspense intact till the interval. Even after the relationship of the father-daughter is revealed the augmentative journey was interesting and worthy to watch. 
(Disclaimer: Because of the language barrier there can be some discrepancy in the details of the story.)

Review by- Hemant Das 'Him'
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