Tuesday 14 February 2023

"Dark days & white nights" in Hindi staged at Creative Adda, Versova (Mumbai) on 11.02.2023

 A cast of new societal re-make

हिंदी में समीक्षा के लिए -  यहाँ क्लिक करके क्रम सं. 10 देखिए 

Someone is mocking at someone, someone pepping up, someone to wage a war, someone to pacify, someone protruding in other's privacy, someone getting emotional on petty issues. These seemingly unrelated issues are beautifully threaded with a love saga that eventually turns the improvisation into a script. Each piece of activity is a miniature form of a social phenomenon. Showcasing all this was the play “Dark days & white nights” directed by Mr. Sarfaraz under the  production of "The Crafters Acting school". It was presented at Creative Adda, Aram Nagar, Versova (Mumbai) on 11.02.2023.

Let us begin with the love-line. A nice-looking girl is admitted in a higher secondary school where everyone else is a brat. She gets frightened by the undue advancements of the boys except the one who forms a wall to save her. Not in a Bollywood style she fails to fall in deep love for the saviour boy and just accepts him as a good friend. Though the condition of the saviour is different and very delicate. In spite of losing his heart completely for her, he willingly cooperate in her pursuit of the old flame.

All students have a high regard for their excellent biology teacher Mr. Mike. But at the same time, they are also relishing in the gossips of the fledgling romance between him and Kalpana Ma'am. They are always there to scoop Mike and Kalpana. And the limit is transgressed  by one of the boys when he posts on the Instagram in Hindi which virtually means that Mike is using Kalpana for his gratification. On this, Miss Kalpana is so annoyed that she plans to leave the city and so does Mike. Now the students suffer in repentance. They leave that fellow alone who admits his guilt.

Each of the students carry the sweetness or sourness of the conjugal relationship of their parents as a legacy. The absence of father or mother is but obvious in the personality of some ill fated ones and they are looked down upon by others for their shortcoming that was not in their hands.

The communal string also forms one of the motifs of the presentation. While participating in the gossips on Mike-Kalpana, one of the students blames another with the vilest remark "tumhare wale me se hain to tum to support karoge hi". This leaves the victim in black despair but somehow other sensible guys pacifies the situation.

A big tragedy stuns everyone. As soon as the bout of one-sided love of the saviour boy for the girl reaches a point where she is about to show the green signal, the sudden appearance of her old love changes the scene again and she goes with her dropping the saviour guy. When this ill-starred soul shares his hurt feelings to his bosom friend hoping some consolation, he advises him to commit suicide. On this, he takes the poison bottle from the pocket of his  sleeping drunkard friend and pours it under his throat. After shivering for a while, he seems to be lifeless. But he is not, in fact the poison-bottle waved by the boy was just a hoax and it was not poison. But a deep gloom envelops the whole atmosphere when it is known that the boy who suggested the saviour boy to commit suicide himself committed suicide. Actually he was feeling too lonely because of tense conjugal relationship of his parents. He was not among others who was sent to this residential school by choice of parents but he was the only one who himself had preferred to live away from his parents.

Ultimately it comes out that the peaceful or hostile nature of the conjugal relationship between couples is vital for the re-building of a healthy society. The other message comes over the surface is that it all depends upon the guide who can make or mar the society. 

As already mentioned, the script was not a traditional type one and it has been spontaneously improvised by the students with some modulation by the director. And both students and the director have done their jobs deftly to make the bunch of thoughts presentable and meaningful. Barring the God Buddha analogy, everything suited the theme of the play. The students in different roles acted well and the whole idea of the director was superb.

Review by- Hemant Das 'Him'
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