Sunday 26 February 2023

"Deranged Marriage" - a Hindi play staged at Khar (Mumbai) on 25.2.2023 by Jeff Goldberg Studio

 I found my mad girl!  
(A Drama-review)

हिंदी में समीक्षा के लिए -   यहाँ क्लिक करके क्रम सं. 11 देखिए 

Stuck  in the blitzkrieg of reels and live streaming, is there something  called "real life" left in our social ethos? This is an era where all of your feelings, emotions and experiences have reduced to the instances of showbiz. Social media platforms like Whatsapp, facebook, instagram etc. have ransacked the basic fabric of  human life. 

A middle-class couple have a young daughter. The mother is an ultra-extrovert modern woman who is always eager to openly discuss her sweet sixteen fantasies even before her blushing daughter. Her docile husband takes care of household chores and somehow manages his nuptial bond to wife who cherishes a socialite persona for herself. Their daughter is suffering from severe kind of electrophobia i.e. fear of electricity. That is why she has grown seclusive to all electrical gazettes to the extent that she shivers heavily when a mobile phone rings.

Well, a prospect boy from already known faces is pointed out and the girl is encouraged by her parents to go on date with him. Filled with tender romantic feelings the beautiful girl goes to meet the prospect  but to her dismay the boy is nerdy. The boy on the very first date reveals that his first love is his books of  Electrical Engineering. The girl is about to feint but somehow controls herself. 

Nothing comes out in the first date and they agree to meet again. Then a problem comes to surface that the prospect boy has a girlfriend. Now the parents lose all hopes for this match. The reasons are two- One, their daughter has a mental disease of fearing from electricity and Second, that boy already has a girlfriend. 

Now when that boy meets his original girlfriend who is a dazzling stylish lady, he finds that she is always engaged in show off. She would suddenly start dancing with him, would start a romance chat, would show her coquets and styles but would never participate in serious talk. In place of attending to the real relationship issues She would would rather prefer  livestreaming her break up spat on social media. Breaking relation to such a nasty girl, he goes to give his marriage offer to the girl who is afraid of mobile ringing.

The directors and actions have done nice work. The natural rhythm of the story was well-maintained by the directors. The dichotomy of feelings and show off is beautifully etched out in the script and the characters playing the young daughter, prospect boy and his girlfriend did their best to make this dichotomy clearly visible to the viewers. The actors playing the mother and the father were also successful in showing two different approaches of rearing child. Those who acted in it were Nyasa Bijalani, Atherva Kelkar. Anil Mishra, Mallika Bajaj, Rahul Raj C, Nitasha Sharma and Varun Chawla. The directors were Subramanian Namboodiri and Sukaran Chhabra. The script was prepared by Jeff Goldberg and one of his associates.

The trembling body of the daughter should be associated with light and sound effects. The parental fight should be more intense that reaches a full-blown war level each time and then cools down suddenly. After these changes, there would be no need of double-meaning dialogues for humour.

Definitely this play is not only successful in entertaining the viewers but is also able to raise the most pertinent issue of mobile aka social media menace in an emphatic manner. And I would succinct as "Behind all the glamour and glossiness there is a human heart and the feelings unseen by others matter the most". 

Review by - Hemant Das 'Him'
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