Tuesday 7 February 2023

"Pankh hote to udd jaati re"-a Hindi play staged on 04.01.2023 at Versova (Mumbai)

 Fling off with your wings

हिंदी में समीक्षा के लिए -   यहाँ क्लिक करके क्रम सं. 9 देखिए 

There is no poetic justice in life but justice to your life is surely in your hand.

When God prefers to look awry to a family that is already stung by poverty then this is called the acme of narrow circumstances.  The mother in a noteless village has a sole concern.  She has a marriageable daughter who stumbles in walking. Encumbered with her parental duty of getting her daughter married she has a drunkard son who is hardly someone she could look for help.

The family has only three members, all living their life as if in a limbo lane. The son Pratap is a night-roamer but somehow attends his workplace in daytime.  The handicapped daughter Sukni is a day-dreamer. The mother seems to be a totally responsible woman but both of the children irresponsible ones. In real, all the three are innocent ones having good human hearts. The per month income of the mother and son are Rs.400 and Rs. 600 respectively, too low. And even the domestic condition being in dire straits, the daughter Sukni prefers to converse with innumerable different avian creatures on the top of a manless hillock skipping her classes of carpet-art.

Consistently pestered by the nagging mother, the son calls her a witch and from that time both of them are not on talking terms. 

One day Pratap sees her limping sister falls on the floor. He rushes to help her. And just at the nick of hour, the sister takes a vow from him that he will go to talk with his mother asking for forgiveness. And when he does so, the mother is not far behind in taking a promise from him that he would not drink any more. He vouches to become a teetotaller. But the story does not end here.

The main problem still looms large as how to marry off the daughter. For this, Pratap brings his school-time friend Nirmal to his home. He is the same guy whom once Sukni loved while studying in the school. In just an hour of stay, Pratap is enamoured by the pristine beauty of Sukni. Both hug each other and it looks that they have fallen in love but suddenly Pratap steps back and conveys that he is already engaged with some other girl who is now her fiancee. For a moment, Sukni is broken but without any delay she declares that she is now feeling charged up and she also has no need to take support from someone else. She will take up all challenges in her life on her own.

The Hindi adaptation of Tennessee Williams` play "The Glass Menagerie" was done by Vijay Raj and Gajraj Rao. The play was directed by Manoj Verma. The play as presented by the actors was truly loyal to the spirit of the story. The characters of Mother, Son, Sukni, Pratap etc. were lived up by (names not in order) Surya Mohan Arya, Kanchan Tendulkar, Roshan Kumar Singh and Priyal Chandel. Music inputs from Priyadarshan Pathak, lyrics by Pankaj Tyaagi, lights by Devendra Mistry and the choreography by Kanchan Tendulkar added their significant parts to the presentation.

The interactions of three disgruntled souls formed the motif of two-third of the play and it was so realistic that any of the audience could connect with. The firebrand son Pratap truly impressed the audience as an angry young man and the mother appeared on the stage as if a magic mix of frustration and affection. 

The choreography hinged mainly upon the sole dance bites of Sukni with some sporadic scenes of group dance. The icing on the cake was the meaningful mellifluous sweet songs sung by Sukni and Nirmal. They had the capacity of energising every sort of aspiring individuals. The set-design gave a true experience of lower-middle class home. Though in my view, the window could have given some view of the mountains suiting the tenor of the script. This could have been possible by putting a scenic picture outside of the window beyond the passage which perhaps also consisted a part of the visible stage area. 

In this Ambrosia Theatre group presentation, the director has definitely succeeded in bringing out the best of acting skills from the proclaimed neophyte actors. The back-stage crew specially on lights and sounds contributed their portion in the superb delivery of the play.

The play left a long-lasting happy memory to the viewers.

Review by - Hemant Das 'Him'
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