Thursday 4 April 2019

Marathi play "Chal Tuzi Seat Pakki" staged in Borivali (Mumbai) by Natak Mandali on 1.4.2019

Hilarious tale of a nuclear family
Full of comedy, entertainment and yet with a serious message

A character named ‘yamdoot’ who is on some mission in a family is peeved when the teen aged girl  calls him “yamdoot uncle”. “Chal Tuzi Seat Pakki” is a play full of comedy and drama in the first half. The story becomes more and more substantive as it proceeds and in the climax really makes you standstill. You are compelled to consider what is happening in the family? How low the values has plunged and how it’s only selfishness that rules the roost.  

There are spates of hilariousness with a particular character that include the man, his wife and the children in their respective turns. They are so happy about something. But when the wife is almost dancing in her mirth the husband is seen in a contemplative mood in a corner of the house. His rumination is actually the essence of this play. In the end he says “I am sorry” but that does not lessen his remorse. The play ends while you begin to ponder over the unbecoming manner our families work nowadays and we share the guilt also to an extent more or less.

The show was not just an acting bout. Actually thrilling music and dance were also inherent part of the play that entertained everyone up to the brim. The music was from Vijay Gawand.

The body language of the actors itself lets you understand what they are talking about. It was perfect  in this show and so was the dialogue delivery. Especially the husband (Mangesh Kadam), wife Leena Bhagwat ), boy  (Nitin Dixit, and the yamdoot (Omkar Raut) had full range of dialogues to showed their true mettle and the audience got thrilled on each of their action. The girl had less dialogues but even they were enough to add a new flavor to the screenplay. Anna (Jayant Ghate) remained serious as per the demand of the story. The somberness of his face was telling tale that was absolutely different and that set the climax to its desirable height.

One person loses his life but who is he? Let this remain a mystery till the show of this play is on.

The set design of Pradeep Muley was excellent that not only give you a look of bourgeois family from inside but also made possible for 'yamadoot' to emerge from a window pane of some much upper a floor of a skyscraper and that too with a bang.

The young director Nitin Dixit who is also the writer of the script had harnessed very adept actors but he also showed his acumen in using on several parameters like usage of floor space and framing the sequence. He also succeeded in adding music and dance at proper points so as not to hinder the seamless flow of the story.

The lights of Bhushan Desai were cast at appropriate spot without any delay and sound system was so perfect that you hear each and every word clearly.  Even a viewer sitting in the last row of this mammoth auditorium can clearly see the linings on the faces formed by the stretch of selected nerve by the actor.

Natak Mandali should be thanked for coming up with this highly amusing play along with some important message about degrading family values. This review respects the commercial interest of the show.

Review by - Hemant Das 'Him'
Photographs by - Natak Mandali
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