Tuesday 9 April 2019

Poetry Open mic in Khar (mumbai) held on 8.4.2019

With poetry in the veins

Love soothes more if it fails. You cherish more to remember how you were spurned than how did you reach to your another one. The abrasiveness in life only adds to the lustre of it. The carat value of love is at peak if you never get it.

Some broken hearts and some reverberating with their new passion of muse thronged at The Habitat, Khar (Mumbai) to express their inherent and yet unseen talent. The Poetry Open-mic anchored by TJ (Tejas) was a wonderful experience for all who participated. Most of the participants were under-30 executives in corporate sector or just students in engineering colleges or so. The quality of the original poems recited by the boys and girls in English and Hindi was amazingly high. Even though they lacked the experience of all the phases of a whole life to come out with the quintessence of it the intensity of the feelings was supreme. Most of them maintained the rhythm and melodic structure of the poems. 

One of the participant was a senior citizen the poems (gazals) recited by whom got wide applause from the audience. He was Sheikh Abdul Rahman. The young participants included Harsh, Nitya, Anmol, Naina, Aditya, Gobind, Rajat, Kshitij, Amrita. Hemant Das 'Him' also recited his Hindi poem. 

Though the lines of most of the English poems read on this occasion are still awaited the parts of some Hindi poems are being presented below-

Aaoge fir kabhi, abhi ja rahe ho tum
Bekar mere sar ki kasam kha rahe ho tum
Wada-wafa karo ki sahar hone wali hai 
Mana ki pahli raat hai, sharma rahe ho tum
Wada gujar gaya to kayamat gujar gayi
Na maut aa rahi hai, na aa rahe ho tum (Sheikh Abdul Rahman)

Mai kyun khushamad karoon sanam ki
Khuda hi tera faisla karega
Jo pyar ki bhikh de na paye
Wo kya kisi ka bhala karega
Wo dekh hansti hai kamyabi 
Kahin tu himmat na haar jaana
Tere kadam choom legi manzil 
Agar jara hausla karega. (Sheikh Abdul Rahman)

Jeene marne ka ji nahi karta
Pyar karne ka ji nahi karta
Kuchh karke khoob sochte hain
Badh karne ka ji nahi karta
Ye hawayen ruki ruki si kyun hain
Yahan rukne ka ji nahi karta
Mujhe jo kahna hai wo bolte hain
Mujhe kahne ka ji nahi karta.  (Hemant Das 'Him'

Report by - Hemant Das 'Him'
Photographs by - Bejod India blog
Send your feedback to - editorbejodindia@yahoo.com

Note- The participants are requested to send their poems in full or part to the given email ID.



  1. धन्यवाद महोदया. वे बुजुर्ग शायर वास्तव में महफ़िल की जान थे.


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