Friday 19 April 2019

Marathi play 'Idiots' from Indian Magic Eye & Zee Marathi staged in Borivali (Mumbai) on 17.4.2019

                                                                      Marriage or live-in         

                                                (मराठी  और हिन्दी में कहानी पढ़ने के लिए - यहाँ क्लिक कीजिए)

Your name please?
Only Shruti?
Yes, only Shruti.
Oh! Nice to meet you, Shruuuuuteeeee!

The conversation seems to be a prosaic one without any specific connotation. But these opening dialogues have such a deep rooted meaning that you can't imagine.

Two youths Preetam and Ruchi meet at a pub in a party organised by some common friend. Both have fat salaried jobs and are leading a happy solo life. Very soon they begin to like each other. However, both have an urge of remaining unmarried as they think that marriage is nothing but a genesis of constant fight. “Only idiots marry”, they say. After successive phases of mobile messaging, chats and calls the intimacy grows up to reach a level of living as a ‘live-in’ couple. Oh! What a fabulous rosy turn of a wonderful life together. 

Preetam and Shruti view all married couples as idiots and they decide not be become so. So, they would stay as live-in partners to take full pleasure without any liabilities of compliance of family burdens. They enjoy the life together but only for a short period. Soon, they feel themselves drawn into daily wrangles as husband and wife even though they are not.

Shruti is uneasy when Preetam offers lift to his housemaid on his car and Preetam is aggrieved when Shruit pays attention to her boss more than usual.  Somehow they console themselves that they are not husband and wife so they are supposed to give privacy in the life of their respective partner.  Still the ride of life together is bumpy but they somehow manage to pull through. The critical moment comes when Shruti conveys that she is pregnant. Preetam is glad over the news. But Shruti expresses her decision not to give birth to her child and to end the pregnancy through pills. Preetam is devastated. Preetam wants to say how she can take one-sided decision to abort without his consent. But he is unable to dare so as he is not the legal father of the unborn child since he had not tied a nuptial bond with Shruti yet. He impeaches to Shruti not to abort the child and offers to marry her so that people should not object about the birth of the child. But Shruti rejects all this. With a  heavy heart Preetam leaves Shruti and the relations between them breaks down.

After some months, they accidentally meet in a restaurant. Though there is some sign of subsidence in the acrimony still the the bone of contention remainis and they are unable to patch up.

After passage of some more months Preetam receives a call from Shruti that she is on a bed in a hospital waiting for delivery and her condition is critical. Preetam at once goes to meet her. There Shruti is waiting for a surgical operation and doctor has asked her to get the agreement of owning signed by her nearest relative. Preetam is happy to know that his unborn child has not been aborted and he is ready to sign the papers. When he asks what relation he should write on the papers Shruti says to mention 'guardian'. Preetam is again disappointed but signs. Then he asks what will be the name of the child? Shruti says, 'Sushriti'. Preetam asks ,"Only Sushruti? (he means to ask whether the name of the child would not include his name as the father.)  Shruti says, " Yes only Sushruti." Preetam has again a hanging face.

Nevertheless, after the successful surgical operation they come to the conclusion that it is better to join the Idiots Club of marriage than to show the wisdom of celibacy.

This is marvelous piece of writing from the playwright Shrirang Godbole who is able to present the whole story from club to restaurant to house to neighbour to hospital and all in their perfect setting but only with just two characters throughout the play. . The scenes are very natural and without any interposition. The progress of the story is seamless from the very beginning to the end. The dialogues are natural but are spicy and pithy as well.  The symphony of dialogue writer and actor Sagar Karande is fantastic! Smta Tambe has matched equally in the delivery of dialogues and actually went ahead on the indices of modern dance. Her chemistry with the only other and male actor Sagar is fabulous and the influence on the viewers get enhanced multi-fold out of this synergy.

Choreographer  Phulwa Khamkar have stood successful in mixing dances of two artists so perfectly with the natural drift of the play that even though it being a strain of ballet the viewers perceive it just as a form of impactful delivery of dialogues.

Set Design by Pradeep Mulye suits the requirement of the play. Lights by  Pradeep Mulye was faultlessl. Playback singers are Avadhoot Gupte, and Savani Ravindr who have presented superb melody under the direction of Musician Rahul Ranade.

Director Shrirang Godbole should be appreciated for churning out the best job in acting from the actors who are themselves prodigies.

Producer(s):  Indian Magic Eye Pvt Ltd has raised the most pertinent issue of today - marriage or live-in and they deserve special appreciation  for the same.

Review by - Hemant Das 'Him'
Photographs - Shedge
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