Saturday 16 November 2019

Children's Day at Malad (Mumbai) on 14.11.2019 : Let's Puppet and Book Distribution

Moments with rowdy candid kids 

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Even if a dozen of men or women gather at a place it is a group but if there are more than one kid at a place, it's essentially a crowd. Their unruliness, rowdiness treat every piece of land and space as their subjugated territory. And of course whosoever enters their territory are their subject who must try to meet their irrational and cynical demands. 

Initially the gathering of 65 children at CLAP centre of Malad (Mumbai) on 14.11.2019 must have been something as such. But surprisingly when the puppet show started all of the kids turned into the most sober sort of little gentlemen totally in a "Do Not Disturb" mode.  

To make the Children's Day more vibrant, unique and eventful I planned to visit Malad (Mumbai) on 14.11.2019.  At the first floor of the building Solitaire-II opp. to Infinity Mall there is a CLAP Center, a cultural business center that pays full attention to children's grooming in the sphere of art and culture. 

There was a small screen just of a size of a big TV screen put in front of the of more than 60 people most of them being kids and their parents. A number of interesting tales were presented through puppet show and shadow puppet show. The artists were well trained and so the show was flawless which succeeded in connecting psyche of the children to it's deliverable. Surprisingly there was total silence throughout the show of half an hour and I came to know more by the children's sounds when the show ended.

Then after a break of ten minutes another class started in which the kids and children learnt how to make puppets. Various customised materials were provided to each of them and there were instructors to teach and help in making puppets. This class ran for 45  minutes. The mothers of the kids were also seen interested in learning this skill.

After the end of the show I talked with Tarun, the event manager who said that there is presently only one centre of this kind and they wand to make more franchisee partners. Founded by Misti Verma and Faisal Poonawalla this centre is making confident strides towards expansion in  the art and culture space.

Thanks to Tarun Rawal and his team for introducing me with their centre.

Just downstairs was a Book Distribution program in full swing. That event had been organised by "Crime and corruption control association". The workers were not willing to give more info about their organisation at that moment as they were busy with their work. Though it was evident that hundred or more slum-dwelling children were present at this event and were very happy for this. There were also smiles on the mothers and fathers of the children who were standing at nearby corners of the main spot of activity. 

The children chanted some prayers and slogans on this occasion. It was really energizing to watch the less privileged children getting books as their gift on the Children's Day.

Report by - Hemant Das 'Him'
Phtographs by - Bejod India blog & Clap
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