Thursday 28 November 2019

Marathi play "Hyān̄caṁ karāyacaṁ kāyaṁ" (I need to do this) staged in Mumbai on 22.11.2019

A house haunted by history
A Drama Review of  ह्यांचं करायचं काय 

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A staff of some don type builder come to an old bungalow. As the people think this old building is haunted one so the owner old couple is facing difficulties in selling this property who also want to go abroad to their child. 

As the boss i.e. the builders don has threatened his agent of killing him if he returns without concluding the deal with the owners of the bungalow, the poor young man bears all the tantrums, idiosyncrasies of the old couple. The story is flexible enough to let various pieces of bizarre drama be shown in different episodes. In  one instance the house lady becomes Jhansi Ki Rani but forgets the dialogues and somehow establishes herself as the Rani of Vashi. In another there is an Akabar and Anarkali in full rage. The comedy reaches its peak when the property mafia's male henchman is treated as 'Salim' to whom the male house owner (Anarkali) wants to marry and of course the owner's wife is a spoiler in this quaint love though not as a wife but in garb of Akabar who is trying to rein in his prince "Salim'

The audience was rolling in the aisles almost invariably after every couple of dialogues. It was only in the last 5  seconds when the play runs at a serious note. 

Undoubtedly the script of Vishal Kadam is the height of witticism, one grievance remains. After all, why he has to take a character of non-Marathi for the only villain. 

The comedy has been created by doctored historic mismatches and calculated misfits of characters. Like the role of Akabar is played by woman (the wife in the owner couple) and Salim is actually a man who is no one than the builder's agent. The house owner husband is almost forced to play Anarkali. This scene is so funny that the viewers were seen struggling with their own sober identity. The laughter was irresistible. It was not suppressible chuckles, it was simply a humour frenzy. 

Paddy Kamble, Vishakha Subhedar and Samir Chaughule were the only three actors who created uproarious scenes of extreme comedy. If we assess them it is undoubtedly Vishakha who not only have extra ponds on her body but also have unmatched talent to make every viewer blissful with uproarious laugh. Though the body movement and the punctuated stress in dialogue delivery she puts her own yardstick ahead each time. Though all the three actors were acting with a natural flow which is quite challenging in a comedy show. befitting to seasoned ones her facially expressions were speaking themselves more than the dialogues uttered. 

Music by Ajit Parab added value and was enchanting but the costumes by  Mangal Kenkare was really vital in the success of this historic comedy. The writer is Vishal Kadam who has not merely experimented  with comedy of errors but moulded successfully the political and social rhetoric of past into the present.
Rajesh Deshpande as a director has ensured among other matters that the fast tempo of the play is maintained from the  the very beginning till the end.

The play was staged at Shivaji Madir, Dadar (Mumbai) on 22.11.2019.
(The reviewer has just started learning Marathi and does not know this language so there might be error in story part of the review)

Review by - Hemant Das 'Him'
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