Tuesday 1 October 2019

"The Israeli Story" presented by Isaraeli Consulate at Bandra (Mumbai) on 25.9.2019

Awe-inspiring tales of courageous IsraelI youth 

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A number of viewers reached the Cuckoo Club, Bandra with an expectation of watching a play titled as "The Israeli Story". When they entered it was revealed that the actual show was of true story telling about self lives by five inspiring Israeli young men and women. It appeared that the event was organised with the help of Israeli Consulate. They proudly declared that they wanted to prove that they are not  just producer of the world's state-of-the-art missiles but can sell stories too.

At the outset it was announced by a most dashing male anchor that through this event they want to show the world that Israelis are not merely a warrior lot, they like to have fun in friendships and storytelling too. And to make a changeover of image their five young persons came on the dais one-by-one and talked about their real experiences of life that were most natural but inspiring.

The young speakers were Chaya Kozlovsky, Oren Daudy, Ortal Dozly, Lilach Markovitz and Amit Byron,  Each one candidly declared that they are in or have completed a few years in Israeli army or intelligence services.

A 24 years old chap among the speakers stunned everyone by announcing that he is the father of 100 children. Before someone could have experienced heart attack sort of bang he clarified that he is actually commander of 100 young boys and girls aged 18. They are taking training under him and are under his patronage and on his beck and call for 24x7 for two years. 

One female speaker stated that she is 31 and is proud to be the real mother of five children. She talked about her general facet of her life while working in intelligent service. While she was in mandatory training period her mother saw her in army dress and smiled. When she asked the reason, the mother said that she wanted to see her (daughter)  as officer in the intelligence service. And she joined to feel proud. There she found that there is a lot of adventure even for girls in such a field which is traditionally believed as the men's world. Actually being a woman can be advantageous in terms of the influence she can exert over the group of men. 

One speaker said that his name is "Amit" and before someone could have conjectured about his Indian origin he told that no he is fully Israeli and is a Jew and his name is original and not a changed one. Then he removed the doubt and said that in Hebrew the meaning of Amit is companion.

There was an entrepreneur too whose mantra was 'Move ahead, fall down, stand up and again move ahead until you succeed. He told that once while he was in 7th standard of school, he asked his father for a shekel (Israeli coin) so that he could buy an icecream. His father said you should first eard a Shekel then I shall give you one more. As much you earn so much I would provide more to you. And then I started some work like wiping the glasses of cars, selling some vegetable items etc. And now I have 100 stores throughout the length and breadth of Israel. And now in Mumbai to open a new here. He also said that in this entrepreneurial journey he has been supported fully by his wife and then he pointed to his charming wife sitting in the first row among viewers.

And so as nothing should be spared there was a Scientist too who delineated his story of leading the team by whom a satellite was sent to the moon. Though the satellite reached the moon but just after touching the surface it broke into pieces. He said "We don't say we have failed rather we like to say we are going to succeed in coming days.

It came out that Israeli do not waste their valuable time in flowery languages. In fact one of them shared that their natural way of speaking is straight which sometimes people perceive as egoist or nonsensitive. But these notions are not correct and they are as gentile,sensitive and humane as other civilised people of the world.

It was also remembered how 10 attackers from Pakistan could succeed to take such a large number of innocent 174 lives just by their coordinated approach. So, if all of us are united then we can eradicate terrorism from the earth.

The anchor was adept in creating the true atmosphere for the upcoming speaker. Before each speech a video clip was also scene on the screen that were a small part of some or other Israeli feature film.

The audience was thrilled by the forthright approach of talks of Israeli speakers that was like a colleague talking to a colleague. The terms of boyfriends and girlfriends were used more than the words 'husband' and 'wife'.

Like any other performing event in Mumbai, It was a ticketed show and the charge for this show was Rs. 300/= only,

Report by - Hemant Das ' Him'
Photographs - Bejod India blog
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