Friday 13 December 2019

IPPL, Mumbai Chapter organised a musical event at Andheri (Mumbai) on 28.11.2019

Poetry is the heart and soul of Thumri
A Melodious Evening of Thumri and Hindi Rabindra Sangeet 

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Art gives meaning to your life and a man is a superior being to other creatures because he has an appreciation for it. Music is the most pervasive form of art. Sweetness of melody percolates down to your soul and you are lost.  

Words becomes a poetry if it contains rhythm and if a rhythm is systematically organised for  a poetry it's a song. So, we see that these two are highly intermingled and the outcome is nothing but a supreme bliss to the audience.

On the 28th of November 2019 a musical evening was organised by IPPL Mumbai Chapter. It was christened as  "A Melodious Evening of Thumri and Hindi Rabindra Sangeet" and held at The Club, Andheri (Mumbai). 

The well known Thumri exponent Dhanashree Pandit mesmerized the audience with her lecture demonstration of Thumri and she explained how poetry is the heart and soul of Thumri. Basudev Saha accompanied deftly on tabla. 

Dr. Paramita Mukherjee Mullick, the Founder and President of IPPL ( Intercultural Poetry and Performance Library), Mumbai Chapter  in her welcome address  said that this was their second event and this event was special as it a fusion of poetry and songs. She also expressed how hard she had to work and organise the sound system, mixer and mikes and how The Club had helped her out all the way. 

The second phase of the program saw the beautiful trans-creations of Bengali Rabindra Sangeet into Hindi by Shweta Sen who designed this phase perfectly. The singers Piloo Vidyarthi and Mahua Ray kept the audience spellbound. Rupash Modak was marvelous on the keyboard. It was a very enjoyable evening for all.

Presentation of report - Hemant Das 'Him'
Photographs by - IPPL
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