Thursday 13 February 2020

Mera Khazana - Ranjan Debnath 'Ranj' and Chandranai Mukherjee rendered lovable gazals in Mumbai on 12.2.2020

Saadharan jan pistaa hai

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Ranjan Debnath 'Ranj' negotiates his tri-faceted  synchronous art journey. He is an excellent singer, a good writer and composer of gazals (an important variety of songs). When all the three virtues are synthesized it may be called "Ranjan Sangeet" in Mumbai. The unparalleled music legend Ravindra Nath Tagore on whose name the venue is standing as "Ravindra Natya Mandir" must have been the real inspiration behind this monolith music persona like Ranjan Debnath. The sweetness of throat basked in the harsh realities of life and seasoned through the struggling passage of three decades reassures you to give a soulful evening you long for. The points worthy to mention here includes undoubtedly the accompaniment not only of a brilliant female voice Chandrani Mukherjee but also of two maestro and two talented young instrumentalists..

This is the same artist who had a few years back conducted his concert of gazal recital (written, composed and sung by himself) continuously for 24 hours. In his own words, "In 2007 in the city of Taj Mahal, Agra I performed for 24 hours my ghazal live concert where I sang my written and composed ghazal. Times of India news paper published my Cartoon. It was published on 18th September 2007. Maamoolee insaan huin par sabkee mai jaan huin. Ghazalon Nazmon Bhajanon se apnee main pehechaan huin....." (Source of the content)

As it has been mentioned above, Ranjan is not only a singer but also a writer and composer of gazal.
The gazal. His voice is not only soft and melodious but it also possesses the feelings of the inner core of the heart. And lyrics is a marriage of romance and social issues -
"Janam janam ka rishta hai / Sach me koi farishta hai
Savan ki rimjhim boonde / Dil me kuch kuch risata hai
Khaas jano ki mauj hi mauj / Saadharan toh pisata hai."

His another masterpiece was -
"Lakh thokaren khayin mai ne tab manzil tak pahucha hoon
Ghaat ghaat ka paani pikar tab sahil par pahucha hoon
Kitni gazalen, nazmen likkhi par koi na aaya kaam
Ek nazm jab tujh par likkhi tab dil-dil tak pahucha hoon

The female voice accompaniment was Chandrani Mukherjee who is a singing accomplishment in her own stead, also sang a solo song that was also composed and written by 'Ranj' -
Aasma jhuk jayega, tu likhe gar apna fasaana
Khushnuma ho ashiyana / Us jahan me ghar basaanaa

On this occasion, photographer-poet Ashwani 'Ummeed' and art journalist Hemant Das 'Him' were also present to share this memorable melody bonanza. 

Report by - Hemant Das 'Him'
Photographs by - Bejod India blog
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Note- The organisers are requested to send the names of the instrumentalists and the anchor on the above email ID.

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