Tuesday 18 February 2020

TCET SORT Club organised "Talent Hunt" on 14.2.2020 at Kandivali (Mumbai)

The young mesmerisers 

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Academics is not the only worth a student is made up of. It is important that one shows up well in the exams but one has to live a life also beyond a job and career. The fulfillment of a person is accomplished only with some sort of art. It might be sketching, singing, playing on guitar or just taking off someone noticeable around him.

With the twin objectives of  identifying hidden talents in students of TCET (Thakur College of Engineering and Technology) and to give a chance to them even to show themselves beyond academics it  organised an event through its one of the clubs run by students/ TCET S.O.R.T. The Club organised “TALENT HUNT” on 14th February, 2020 which was an open platform for TCET students to come up with their extraordinary talents and showcase them. It was a 2.5 hour long event which consisted of 22 performances of different streams of arat to be judged by Sushmita Vishwas,  Sonali Singh and V. P. Singh on the various criteria fixed by them jointly.

The event began with a welcoming note to the talented actor, anchor of Mumbai and guest of the event Sushmita Vishwas who also received a presentation as a token of love. The whole atmosphere soon gathered momentum with  the able anchoring by Nidhi Mishra, Rutika Pawar and Rohit Giri. The audience were brimming with curiosity and the participants kept them hooked through their whole series of presentation. In quick succession, each of the students came on the stage One-by-one and enthralling the viewers in their own unique style.

Talent Hunt consisted of talents of every category from mridang to poetry, beatbox to shayari, rap to guitar, stand up comedy to mimicry. There were anchors who left no stone unturned and took the humour to a new height. The gags and one liner presented by them made everyone burst into laughter and it was evidently difficult for themselves to control it.

Bound with the duty, the judges marked scores to each and every performance. Before the final announcement of winners, judges offered their honour to all the wonderful performance in Talent Hunt. Sushmita Vishwas said that “Irrespective of the winners every participant gave their best by giving 200% of them with same level of energy”. Event came to an end with announcement of winners and then offering vote of thanks to the audience for maintaining the decorum while providing their wholehearted support.

Talent Hunt Conducted by TCET-S.O.R.T Club was no doubt a successful event conducted with support of members of S.O.R.T club, Faculty-in-charge, Judges, anchors, participants and last but not the least the overwhelmingly cheering mass of audience.

List of participants:
Sr no. Name Class Branch Performance
1 Gaurang FE ELEX Mridang
2 Adwait Batwalker FE Mech Mimicry
3 Pratik Kumbhar TE IT Poetry
4A  Sania Gandhi TE IT Singing(Duo)
4B  Rohit Gandhi BE Mech Beatbox(Duo) 
5 Sakshym Hustoo SE COMP Rap
6 Nabil Khatri FE Mech Stand up comedy
7 Shashidhar Tiwari TE Civil Poetry
8 Neel Pednekar SE Mech Guitar+Singing
9 Suryakant Singh TE CIVIL Shayari
10 Rohit Patil BE Mech Flute
11 Karan Modi FE Comp Shayari
12 Vaibhav Yadav TE E&TC Stand up comedy
13 Umesh Mishra BE Mech Guitar+Singing
14 Deepak Pandey FE COMP Shayari
15 Shruti Mishra TE CIVIL Poetry
16 Ankit Dubey FE E&TC Poetry and shayari
17A  Swapnil Yadav FE E&TC Singer/Lyricist(Duo)
17B  Avyay Rao FE E&TC Guitar(Duo)
18 Mangesh Gupta SE COMP Poetry
19 Vaibhav Yadav TE E&TC Poetry
20 Shubham Maurya SE ELEX Rap
21 Khan Mohammed Amir FE COMP Shayari
22 Sujit Pandey TE ELEX Poetry

1.  Sushmita Vishwas
2. Sonali Singh
3. Cdr. Vijaypratap Singh
Date: 14 th February 2020
Timing: 3:30 pm to 6 pm.
Venue: Seminar Hall 1, TCET. Kandivali (East), Mumbai

The TCET must be applauded for conducting an event which will help students not only in honing up and boosting their inherent artistic talents but also strengthen their bonds with the outer world and society at large.

Report presented by - Hemant Das 'Him'
Inputs by - TCET, Mumbai / Sushmita Vishwas
Photographs - TCET, Mumbai
Contact us at - editorbejodindia@gmail.com

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