Wednesday 6 February 2019

"Just Suddenly" - An emerging music band in Mumbai by Vedanush Pradeep

A prodigy on a 360 degree musical life 

Life is not meant to earn livelihood. It is in fact a search for the ultimate bliss to the soul. And in this quest, no path can be as germane as that of music. For a music lover the ideal life is that where you let yourself loose surfing on the waves of mellifluous tunes without huddling hither and tither for bread, butter and prestige. 

Just Suddenly is an Alternative/Pop-Punk band from Mumbai that was formed by Vedanush Pradeep in 2016. Their sound comprises of ambient, chill, and acoustic elements along with strong emotions. Their influences include bands such as Spud in the box, Yellowcard, God is an Astronaut, Framing Hanley, and the ‘Pop Punk Queen’ Avril Lavigne.

A few days ago Hemant Das 'Him', an editor of this blog got to know about a man playing guitar beautifully in another compartment of the Mumbai local train. He went to him and had a detailed conversation. Based upon that and more info received later here is an interview with him. 

Who is Just Suddenly made up of?
Just Suddenly mainly comprises of only one guy, Vedaunsh Pradeep, that’s me. I write all the songs, I compose them and record them at my home studio. I play Solo Unplugged gigs, Birthday Parties, Anniversaries and other such events. Whenever I get a full band gig, my friends Prashanth Chennoji, and Kshitij Kawathe step in as Session Musicians and help me play the gig. 

What kind of songs do you write?
I mainly write songs about feelings and emotions. Most of them will revolve around love, some of them have a story to tell, and some of them have a message. I’ve written some for my friends and loved ones. I wrote ‘Cuckoo to Plum’ for my dearest friend ‘Edlyn D’cruz’. I wrote ‘Too Much’ to say sorry to a friend of mine. I wrote ‘She is going away’ for one girl I loved.

What kind of music do you play?
My songs come under the Alternative/Pop-Punk genre. Bands like Spud in the box, Yellowcard, Blink 182, Framing Hanley, God is an Astronaut, and Linkin Park is the kind of sound I aim for. However, my sound comes out as a unique blend of ambient, chill, acoustic, and rock elements.

What do you do for a living?
I take Guitar Lessons for a living. You can check on my website. I also perform shows at malls, cafes, pubs, and literally any place possible. If you’re lucky you’ll find me playing songs at Kurla Station, because the trains are always late and very crowded, so much that you have to miss a few to travel safely. Apart from that, I’m a part-time Content Writer and teach skateboard from time to time.

When did you begin your musical journey?
I may look young, but I’m 30 years old. I have been learning music for about 10 years now. I started learning guitar back in 2007. I have played in bands like Unsure Uncertain, and Revolt For. Just Suddenly is the third band I’ve formed after the others didn’t work out. I’m a slow learner, it took me around 5 years to hone my vocal skills and 8 years to gain the confidence in guitar.

What do you want to achieve through music or Just Suddenly?
Apart from earning a decent living, I would say, the chance to put a smile on people’s faces. I want to play my songs for people across the world. I would like to inspire people, motivate them, make them happy, feel nostalgic, and appreciate life through my songs.

Interviewee - Vedaunsh Pradeep 
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Interviewer - Hemant Das 'Him'
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