Monday 11 February 2019

Shilp Mela in Navi Mumbai (Belapur CBD) on since 6th Feb through 19.2.2019

 Care for your bucolic chic

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NCPA dance season 2019 Shanatineketan Ashramik Association at the venue of Shilp Mela 

A desi delicacy served in a platter at home is hundred times valuable to you than that prepared in a most talked-about swanky restaurant of the City.  This is because there is love, feelings and good wishes of your mother involved with the food. Similarly a handicraft prepared by an artisan is unparalleled in its own stead because of the associated 'humane' touch that addresses directly to your soul.

And so to turn your nostalgia to a new pleasure a Shilp Mela has been organised in CIDCO Haat, Belapur CBD since 6th of Feb 2019 and shall run through 19th of the month. Handicrafts of all varieties have been displayed on different stalls' Stalls of Mithila art, Hand made shoes and sandals, Banarasi sarees, Gems and stones home made food items etc were among catching special attention of the crowd of viewers. People were seen thronging there out of curiosity and with an earnest desire to satiate their bucolic chic.

Hemant Das 'Him' from Bejod India blog visited the spot and found the items really enthralling. Moreover, an NCPA dance season program was also on at an amphitheater on an upper terrain of a plateau like venue. The dance program was organised by Shantiniketan Ashramic Association.  

You may buy or not this is beyond doubt that you would love visiting this exhibition.

Report by - Hemant Das 'Him'
Phogographs by - Bejod India blog
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miniature sizes in wooden to showcase daily use items

Punam Devi writing Mithila painting

An experiment of dots by Diwakar Jha in Mithila painting. It is noteworthy that Mithila paintings are usually made of lines and not dots.

Diwakar Jha said that he dressed the statue of Devi Durga in Kolkata just by painting and not by real cloths

Diwakar Jha from the family of Tira Devi, Shilp Guru State Award winner from vill. Jitawarpur (Dist.- Madhubani, Bihar)

Art on silvler and precious stone

Shums Enterprise / My stride 

This dance program was presented by Shanti Niketan Ashramik Association on 9.2.2019 under the program NCPA dance season 2019

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