Monday 4 February 2019

'Dharmyuddh' a street show presented by NIT, Patna on 25.1.2019 in Patna

Taking on all national evils bit by bit

The students of NIT Patna are not bookworms. They study, they relax and explore the whole range of creative world to combat the problems of nowadays. And so, on 25.1.2019 they presented a street show titled as 'Dharmyuddh'. on their campus of NIT in Patna. 

The true merit is crushed over by the loop of spurious system at each and every step of it's progress. The collusion of educational heavyweights with the perverse leaders is exposed nakedly and  there is no rein in. A genius students wants to conduct his scientific research in his own nation but is terribly harassed by his very native people. A multinational company finds here an opportunity and offers lucrative job to that boy and thus the typical mechanism of brain drain is exposed. 

But even on foreign turf the merit of the student is not respected in as he is not agree to throw away the loyalty to his native country, 

The gender bias, eve-teasing, dowry, female feticide,  reservation politics, casteism and communalism  all are here to create an orgy to devastate every effort of harmonious progress.

Because it's only the result in academic exam that matters for the child's parents the adolescent child  is under unbearable pressure which often crosses the threshold and he or she commits suicide. Even If he is somehow saved there is hardly any relief. As a born sportsperson will be judged by his parents by his score in exams only and not by the medals he brings. He is under consistent pressure that tells upon his health of body and spirit adversely. 

In a narrative of students all elements of today's national problems were analysed. Shivam Yadav, Ashwani Kumar, Rajanish, Vikram and others participated in this street show popularly called  a"nukkad natak".

All social problems were presented in separate sets of issues. Even though a common thread among all the sets was missing but we should understand that the purpose was not to present a story but the true condition prevailing in our country..

This was a mature presentation by any yardstick. The team spirit, tempo, usage of space, group posture, dialogue delivery and script were all prepared by the undergraduate students and were definitely up to the mark. One tomboy girl was seen in full swing shouting out the dialogues in full pitch giving momentum to the impact of drama. The boys and other girls were also not lagging behind and gave a good show of acting with their measured body language and dialogue delivery.

The whole drama team of NIT Patna deserve a wholehearted clapping. 

Review by - Hemant Das 'Him' / Sunil Kumar
Photographs by- Vista Photography Club
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