Thursday 28 February 2019

Pictures in making - Multi media National Art Camp in Mumbai by Lalit Kala Akademy, New Delhi from 22.2.2019 to 2.3.2019

Art for the soul 

To watch the picture while the artist is still making is a special moment for art lovers  And J.J. School of Art located beside the Times of India building in front of CSMT Railway station in Mumbai is a venue you can reach comfortably from any corner of Mumbai even from Navi Mumbai. 

An interesting fact about the venue is mentioned in this article. So go through it.

Some 60 artists from all parts of India have been called to participate in this Multi-media national art camp which will run till 2nd of Mar'19. Artists from Delhi, Maharasthtra, Tamilnadu, MP, Odissa, UP, Bihar, Bengal and many different states are participating in this national camp. Three forms of art- Painting, Printing and Sculpture are included in this camp. It is a chance that Uttam Pacharne the chairman of Lalit Kala Academy and the main force behind the camp is from Maharashtra.  The schedule of this national art camp falls incidently with the annual functions of this historic Art School.

A participating artist Rawindra Das said that JJ School of Art is still one of those rare art schools in India where live nude human subjects are provided to students for drawing pictures. So while a male or female fully on payroll of the institution sits or lays down absolutely nude in still posture for hours students hone their acumen in drawing and painting exactly what they see. It's amazing but true and this practice is on since pre-independence era.

The themes of the artists vary hugely. Someone is painting to create an ambiance of happiness other is there to show you all sorts of devastation the humankind is exposed to. Even in abstract pictures there are artist-specific features in design  and colour-scheme so that you can easily identify that both the abstract artwork are from the same artist.  

Though pictures of all forms are in making at the camp namely narrative, abstract, modern art, gestures and many other in fact every piece of art is unique in its own stead. Even an artist himself can not replicate his own art exactly. And this rarity is the reason behind high price of the artworks. A viewer may show his intention to buy a particular picture and may quote his price. But it is the prerogative of the artist whether he likes to sell on that price or not. Generally in an exhibition, if three or more buyers show interest in a particular piece then that is sold by auction intimating all of the prospective buyers.

This camp will  act like a booster of aesthetic sense within you. But the last date is approaching fact. So make hurry.

Report by - Hemant Das 'Him'
Photographs by - Bejod India blog
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