Monday 15 July 2019

Yatri's "Chinta Chhor Chintamani" staged at Matunga (Mumbai) on 13.7.2019

A duel of generational values

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The interface of two generations is the space at which the play "Chinta chhod Chintamani" is written. The father wants his children grow on a path of culture hugging the centuries old tradition and children are enjoying a life of two centuries ahead. The elder son Bunty is an international cricketer who takes it as a matter of right to spend time with different group of beautiful girls at different occasions. The younger one is not behind who also creates newer embarrassments to his father with his dreams of becoming a Bollywood hero. The daughter has adopted a queer path in her own stead. She is a disciple of a hypocrite who enjoys god-like reputation among college-going students especially girls. And caught in the harebrained activities of of all the children  is the helpless father Chintamani. He is emotionally destitute in his own house.

Interestingly, the entry of grandparents is rather a boon to the children whose sense of  approval is reinforced by the grandfather. Earlier the mother used to approve all the shit like phone calls of innumerable girlfriends and live telecast of cricket matches.

Chintamani, a bank officer has not learnt to bend. He knows only head-to-head collision. The situation inside the house is precarious where everyone takes his own course of action without even a nugget of compunctions about others. Chintamani neither gets support from his wife nor from his parents. All are hooked up with the children who do not take time to stretch it to the limit and even beyond.

Priya is the devout girlfriend of cricketer Bunty and takes up the flag of a committed relationship through her solemn dialogues. 

Surprisingly when the shammer saint comes to Chintamani's house, even Chintamani is hypnotised to Baba just by the mention of a fraud in his bank. He turns such a blind that is going to take a loan of rupees 5 lakh from his provident fund to donate to the 'guru' and allows happily his daughter to accompany Baba on his US tour. Now the mother and brothers raise voice against this mindless decision of the head of the family.

The grandfather is a prankster though his very trick frees the young daughter from the clutch of the imposture Baba. What is this prank? Let it remain a secret for viewers  of the show.

Everyone understands the foul intention of the "hypocrite Baba", the young daughter gets disenchanted with her "fraudulent guru" and the prestige of the family is saved.

Each one of the actors have lived up well to their respective comedy character. Priya (daughter) provided a level tune of romantic sombreness  to enhance the overall hilarity of the play. The generational hierarchy was not followed by make-up man and it really took time when audience could be habituated to stabilise on who is whose father as far as the relationship of Chintamani and his father is concerned. It was only near the end when Chintamani's father lifts his black cap and his baldness cries loudly of his superior generation. Also it's only possible in a comedy where a servant seems to be not less than the brother of his boss through his manners and costume.

Vasant Kanetakar's script is so emphatic that you get you engaged from the opening of the stage till the fall of the curtain. Actors were Om Katare, Jaya  Ojha,  Ashok Sharma, Keya Gupta, Mukesh Yadav, Shaili Gaekwad, Vandana Gupta, Rohin Joshi, Punet Maloo, Prashant Upadhyay, Mukund Bhatt and Mukesh Loonkar. All have given their best performance and of course Chintamani, his father, daughter and younger son got more opportunity to show their mettle.

Om Katare's direction is deft and emphatic and has been the main strength of the show. This stands true especially with the show of a hysterical ritual with loud emission of sound as  "ululululululululu" the daughter of Chintamani and other females make while meeting and departing from the shammer 'Baba'. He has also taken good works from Chintamani's wife and elder son and mother. The old filmi songs have been used beautifully in this play.

This play is a wonderful show of realistic humour. The fantasy of every character ends up with a dull thud to warn you not to go astray with nonsensical fantasies.

This show was presented by Indian Oil and performed at Mysore Association auditorium, Matunga (Mumbai) on 13.7.2019

Review by - Hemant Das 'Him'
Photographs by - Bejod India blog
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  1. Spellbinding review which has the ability to draw the viewers in.

    1. I feel honours by your kind words, sir. Keep pushing us on.

    2. Truly, this review has been used and is still being used by the drama team for promotion purposes in a big way.


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