Wednesday 13 May 2020

Cartoons on Corona lockdown / Artist - Niva Srivastava

Lockdown and Problem of migrant labourers 

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"Thoughts about our nation, province and city always rules the uppermost echelons of our psychic sky. Indianness is as necessary for ua as breathing. Body might be residing thousands miles away in a foreign land but soul consistently live in our home situated in India."

Niva Shrivastava lives in Dubai along with her husband and a 6 years old child. She has finished her BFA from Delhi College of Art. Though she is also a maestro of brushes and has been making thematic paintings and this editor had visited her sole exhibition of paintings at MultiPurpose Cultural Complex, Frazer Road, Patna a few years back, she has lately shifted towards cartoons. This shift of medium can best be explained by her but it is presumed that she wanted to take a dip into the contemporary happenings in the social and political arena. 

Here we are presenting some of her selected cartoons on the lockdown situation in India. Lockdown has not just locked up billions of people across the world but has also given rise to some unforeseen crises. The  problems of migrant labourers some of whom collapsed while travelling  back to their native villages thousands of kms away from the workplaces on far beyond any description. Now the government has allowed the trains and other means of transport specifically to facilitate their journey but now the transmission of Coronavirus to interior village sites is a real danger. 
Though earlier also the Central and State governments have taken several important steps for  mitigating the problems of migrant labourers, the mammoth size of masses is itself a challenge for any System moreover while most of them are not knowledgeable enough to understand the nuances and  true meaning of social distancing. 

Let us take a leisurely stroll along the cartoons made by Niva depicting these burning issues of today.

Cartoons by - Niva Srivastva
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Presentation of script - Hemant Das 'Him'
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