Monday 24 December 2018

300 Kilometers per Second - English and Hindi play staged in Mumbai (Versova) on 22.12.2018

A leeway for love into ambitions

The life is very fast. You have to make most of it in your short span of life to achieve something that really matters to the world. You have to run as fast as 300 Kms per second. And in this chase what you lose is your very essence of life. In an attempt to do something lovable to a wider world you lose the love of your beloved few ones who are core to your heart. 

Abhay cherishes a dream for producing icecream with vegetable flavour and Myra is all set to become a renowned painter. Abhay comes across Myra in a musical event which he found worthy to attend before he leaves this metro city forever. This big city has crushed his small innovative ideas and blocked growth totally at once. He feels like nipped in the bud. So he must leave this nonsense city. And this is the time when Myra asks him to participate in  dream experiment with her. Abhay is not very much convinced but condescends for it. They meet frequently and participate in the dream experiments.

A clown haunts Myra. very now and often The clown is nothing but a well-proclaimed other self of Myra who have been declared a mediocre girl without any noticeable merit by her mother since her early age of ten. Getting ridiculed by her own mother was biting her day and night. Abhay tries his best to let her feel comfortable and makes efforts to remove her inferiority complex. 

Myra has always lived in complex situations. She is convinced that the real life is nothing but a bundle of conflicts and problems. And this pessimistic belief is entrenched in her thoughts to such an extent that she is perturbed when Abhay does not find any conflict in her painting firstly shown to him. She says if no conflict appears to the viewer in the first glance it means the painting is inanimate. 

The story moves along fast while giving due regard to the jitters of the emotional journey. It is neither the happenings nor the events that matters. It is all about the internal journeys both Abhay and Myra are traversing through in their own individual spheres. And a time comes when they feel that their individual journeys can be more meaningful if they allow a leeway for their natural erotic call to come into it. This is love but neither a fairy tale type nor a platonic one. This is a deliberate love, a meticulously and well calculated one that possesses a real stamina to stay much much longer  because of its selflessness. 

There are spates of possessiveness and desolation, ego clash and reaching a rapprochement, eerie world of hysteria and no nonsense discussions, hostile race to eroticism of opposite genders in it. 

The show was a huge success in view of the incredibly economic use of the little space and property  to convey a story that runs only in the veins of emotional thoughts

The lighting design comprised of two focus lights one from back and another from front. One supporting was of the throw of diamond pattern rays on the screen from a front corner. This suited perfectly while entering into the realm of dreams. 

One issue I dare to raise here is the unnecessary usage of English dialogues to the level of approx. ninety percent even at the places where the writer could have used Hindi sentences may be interspersed with some English words. 

Harshit Dang (Aabhay) and Emeara (Myra) gave their touching performances. and Vishal Nahar and Punit Singh did their best. The character of clown was even more difficult to present but the actor lifted the same to excellence. The servant and friend had less to deliver but they undoubtedly did their parts with required deftness. The singer was so sonorous, tuneful and measured that he deserves a special appreciation. He is surely a singing star of the future.

It was almost a surprise for the reviewer that Emeara, the female actor of younger age was herself the writer of a script which goes deep delve into the contemporary emotions and challenges. These matters are really complex and unfathomable in nature. And as a director too, Emeara was able to make different experiments of storytelling that worked. Like, frequent meetings of both friends were shown by both standing back to back and calling for taxis to their individual destinations.

The whole team deserves wholehearted applause for their successful and deft presentation of highly delicate happenings of today in the emotional realm.
Review by - Hemant Das 'Him'
Photographs - Bejod India blog (two pics by the drama team)
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Picture courtesy - Drama team

Picture courtesy - Drama team

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