Saturday 22 December 2018

Group of retired nuclear scientists in Navi Mumbai exploring creativity as a source of fulfillment

From running a vibrant library to writing Hindi Short stories, they do it all

Whatever you did while in service was for the employer and your family and of course you contributed to the development of your country in a significant manner but yet something remained to be fulfilled. And that thing is satisfaction to your soul in terms of nurturing your personal creativity to the limit you want. Sri R. C. Pant , a retired nuclear scientist is a great convener boosting all his coeval friends up for some sort of ideological discussions with reading and writing habits. He is the vital force behind creation and maintenance of the community library in Kendriya Vihar, a mammoth housing society of Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. 

Dr. Satish Shukla, the colleague of Sri Pant is even ahead on this front. He has stepped up the ladder of progress from the scratches and reached up to the level of Indian Economic Service. He is the man who joined the department as a casual worker and completing M.A. and Ph.D in Economics reached to the level of an IES. His feat is almost beyond comprehension of a common person. But he made it possible through his sheer perseverance, determination and hard work.  He is also a very good Hindi laghu katha (short stories) writer.

It is pertinent to mention here that Hindi laghukatha (short stories) comprises just of four or five sentences and may be compared to haiku style of writing. This is not like English short stories that may go up to six to nine pages or even beyond. He conducts literary meetings on regular basis where a few interested people gather and recite their new write-ups they have penned recently. 

The  other members Dr. M.G. Tamahankar, Rtd. CSR Scientist, Sri Utpal Nandi, Rtd. Laser Scientist and Sri M.R, K. Rao, Rtd Nuclear Energy Scientist are also experiencing new kind of creative challenges and enjoy while sharing their thoughts on some points other than relating to the natural sciences.  They also feel the coolness of the language free from the official and scientific jargons.

And the society prays for the success of their glorious second inning of the life with full grandeur and bliss.
Report by - Hemant Das 'Him'
Photograph by - Bejod India
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