Sunday 16 December 2018

The further story after marriage: Gauri Theatre's Marathi play "Eka lagnachi pudhchi gosht" staged in Mumbai on 14.12.2018

The myth of other woman's charm
"Eka lagnachi pudhchi gosht" means "The next story of marriage"

The play oscillates between one extreme of marriage being the ultimate goal of one's life to another of it's  being castigated to a conduit of  all happiness one already have. A viewer feels like riding on an emotional roller coaster for a full cinema time-slot of 8 pm to 11pm. 

The plot prefixes one and half years of happy married life between Manoj and Manisha and we must first congratulate them for their rare achievement in view of the general marital scenario prevailing worldwide nowadays. And it's too late when they enter into midlife crisis. But yes, once the crisis button is pushed it's in full rage. There is no charm in the woman one already have and sure there are umpteen number of magics showering bliss, pleasure and thrill in the woamn one does not have. And Manoj has now got the true 'gyana' of happiness so he diverts his focus to his office secretary who is a belle worthy to be preferred to the stereotype monotonous wife. 

The girl shows the stance of lovemaking but it is not much farther when Manoj realises that all of her love signals end up on getting some benefit or that. He further realises that search of happiness in other woman than the wife is not just a zero-sum game. It's rather a big loss on financial, emotional and social fronts.

Adwait Dadarkar has written a witty script on the original story of Imtiyaz Patel. This reviewer found the fully packed auditorium bursting into laughter on every second dialogue throughout the show. And the genuineness of the laughter is proved by a couple of minute stint of pin-drop silence when the scene really was deep. The script writer must get enough credit for the huge success of this drama show. The actors Prashant Damle, kavita Mendheker, Atul Todankar, Mrinal Chemburkar, Pratiksha Shivankar and Parag Dange presented extraordinary level of acting. Prashant and his friend played their role with full perfection. Their body language were symmetrical and exemplary. Facial expression of these two actors were impressive. And  all other actors were also flawless.

The lighting remained strong most of the time making the activities on the stage clearly visible to the last viewer though it dipped low or coloured in dancing sequences  as per the requirement. The sound quality was  so immaculate that even the whispers of the actors were well audible  to the audience and there was no noise other than the dialogue. The set properties were used pragmatically and  the same marble like wooden frame and same chairs were used do make different articles on the stage. The set design of home was having sofa set and the restaurant the chairs as per the needs. Musical dance on popular mellifluous numbers were injected gently to provide a further thrill to the viewers.  Ashok Mulye was helping from the background and Ashok Patki had prepared the music.

The director Adwait Dadarkar must be congratulated for exploiting full potentials of the artists in this play. Definitely this show is worthy to be preferred to multiplex cinemas at a price of Rs. 250-  500 each. The next show is to be presented in the auditorium of New Panvel (Navi Mumbai) on 16.12.2018 at 12 PM and 4 PM.
Reviewer- Hemant Das 'Him'
Photographs - Bejod India
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Note- The reviewer is a beginner in Marathi language so there may be errors in understanding of the reviewer.

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