Sunday 18 August 2019

Devansh Karn, a class- III student in Delhi published his book "Dev's Treasure

A novice is not a naive
His book has all the forms ranging from prose, poetry to puzzles

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There are total eighteen pages in the book of Devansh Karn, all packed with his stories, poems, jokes and fun activities. The language is remarkably good and the content is qualitatively up to the mark on the yardstick of Class-III students. 

The surprising fact is that all of them have been originally written or created by this little genius. He is just a student of Class-III at N K Bagrodia Public School, New Delhi and you can imagine what does it take to get a little child get his own book published even at a minuscule level may be just by getting print-out of saved pages on the computer.

The story "An eater boy" is sort of novice detective tale about how a lunch stealer is caught. "Dinku the Donkey" has to do something with children's craziness for colours. "My pet Diddoo" shows the fondling sentiment for the pet. "Friendship with environment" is a masterpiece that raises a burning isue of today I.e. 'pollution' and passes the message to the reader in a most enchanting manner.  "Haunted night" is also set in a realistic scenario where the children leave their home just to get so much frightened at night that they take vow never to leave home.

There is also one English poem titled "O caterpillar" and two Hindi poems titled as "Ful kahati" and "Hariyali Bharat". Hindi poems are a better lot notwithstanding the silly mistakes. On the last page there are some jokes that are as simple as you may expect from a class -III child.

Also in the midway of the book there are some activity session or reasoning questions. These questions are verbal, numerical as well as pictorial. 

The reasoning based questions are interesting and befitting to primary school students.

The style of communication is standard and language is flawless barring some minor grammatical mistakes. The astounding fact is the coherence in narrative in view of the tender age of the writer. 

Devansh should be commended for his debut in the creative world at large. I have not even an iota of doubt that he is a man of letters in making. He is the promising son of Tripti and Dinesh Karn.

Review by - Hemant Das 'Him'
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    1. Thanks for your kind words. Kindly read the above reply too.

  3. Amazing.. talented kid, all the best for your future dev 😊

  4. I went through all the content in one sitting and am impressed with the creativity of little Devansh.I even enjoyed the jokes especially second and third one.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this with us , Shri Hemkant Ji. Your summary in regard to this book of little genius is itself so nice, I automatically instigated to go through it.
    Really great !!

    1. I am really moved by your kind words and it's great to hear that you were instigated to finish the book reading in one go after my summary. Loving your words, sir.

  5. It is unbelievable for me that a boy of std III can express his views in such a great manner.👍

    DEV'S TREASURE, the work by the small author, is an inspiration which encourages kids to dream big.

    Keep it up...

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