Monday 14 January 2019

Marathi play "A Perfect Murder" staged in Dadar, Mumbai by Badam Raja on 11.1.2019

An incredible plan of murder - A report on drama
Friend is blackmailed to get wife killed

Niranjan blackmails his student time old friend and forces him to murder his wife Meera. The reason is dual - another love of wife and an avarice in his mind. Well, the friend falling from a criminal background makes a genuine attempt to murder but fails and in the course loses his own life. But the real story begins here. And the investigation of police inspector sees many turns in the evolving plot of the crime.

The paramour is himself a writer of crime fictions and comes to Niranjan with a plan how to save his wife from the charge of murder and surprisingly the way out is a nightmare to Niranjan. Telling more will not be proper at this point as this suspense drama show is still on run.

The biggest challenge with the suspense drama is to show the minute manoeuvre  like replacing a small article from the pocket of the murdered criminal to the wallet of the intended victim. These may be vital to the plot of story and it is not easy to catch attention of the viewer on such minute sleight of hand. But this drama team has been amazingly successful in all such matters.

Even while a curtain is moved by an actor you hear a sound. Light dims momentarily with a buzz when someone enters through the door. You are taken aback at each and every step as the story goes unfolding.

The play Directed by Vijay Kenkre is based on a 1954 American crime mystery film directed by Alfred Hitchcock. It is adapted in Marathi by Niraj Shirvaikar. 

Actors are Pushkar Shrotri (Niranjan), Shweta Pendse (Meera), Satish Rajwade (Inspector Dhadge), Abhijit Kelkar (Divyajit) and Subodh Pande (Karmarkar). The backstage artists in this show were Shital Talpade (Lights), Ajit Parab (Music), Mangal Kenkare (Costume), Kshitij Patwardhan (Lyrics), Mugdha Kanhare (Singer), Rupesh Bhandare (Make-up) and Sandhya Kharat (Hairdo).

The staged play is presented by Badam Raja Production with Dipak Joshi as the chief and Nitin Naik as the stage manager.

The play is worthy to watch and you feel that your money has returned  it's worth. 

Report by - Hemant Das ' Him'
Photograph courtesy - Badam Raja
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