Tuesday 22 January 2019

Kala Jagaran staged "Chand tukde aurat" in Patna on 19.1.2019

The fight of 'bahu' for an individual identity 

A tinkle on your subconscious chord  jubilates you in a jiffy when applauds pours in to your ears but the very next moment you feel dazed when the laudation is fitted into a mould of someone else. You are you and not he or she. People often forget this simple but vital fact.

Madhu Sharma is a darling of her in-laws and all express their respective relational liking in perfectly proper perspective and still Madhu feels distraught.  General domestic issues erupt in day to day life and her adjustment with in-laws is affected adversely.

In next scene she is in a court as an advocate pleading in favour of the daughter-in-law while all of her in-laws stand for their defense. Ultimately it is concluded that a woman should be looked upon in her entirety and not as a set of  piecemeal merits.

As a script writer Girish Bakhshi has raised a very delicate issue rife in every household. If the parents-in-law, husband and all in-laws pay attention to it the highly cherished and extremely frail domestic harmony can be restored in every family.

The actors were performing as per the director who allowed little elbow room for them. Sunita Bharti, Amir Haque, Mithilelsh Kr Sinha, Ragini Sinha, Sumitra Singh, Nitish Kr, Dr. Shankar Suman, Anupam Kr, Anurag Kr were on stage. The team of dancers consisted of Manu, Vandana, Shilpi and Muskan.

Set design was perfect giving a real inside view of a cultured family and so was the costumes and make-up. The song of "Ai meri johre-zabin, tu abhi tak hai hansi" came in handy creating a fine outset of the show. Lalit Srivastava (music), Rina Kumari (Costume), Upendra Kr (make-up & Sound control). Rajkumar Verma (lights) and Sunil Kr (Stage-design) gave their valuable inputs.

Suman Kumar is a good director and this was reflected in his calibration of the poses of the actors. The way of presentation consisted of flashbacks from the courtroom and it kept the viewers interested in the show.

The play came out successfully because of the ubiquity of the message. 
Review by - Hemant Das 'Him'
Photograph by - Bejod India 
Email- editorbejodindia@gmail.com

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