Tuesday 1 January 2019

Dashratha Naik from Orissa recited poems with Bhaskar and Nandita in Kolkata on 30.12.2018

End and beginning both with a poem

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For the poets, a year begins with a new poetry and ends but with a new one.

It was a privilege to have had with us a dynamic and vibrant poet from Raurkela, Orissa, Dasharatha Naik. member of Calcutta Creative Confluence. He was welcomed by Bhaskar Jha with due respect. They assembled at Karunamoyee, Kolkata on 30th December, 2018. 

All of them enjoyed the companionship of each other and experiential guidance as far as poetry is concerned. Nandita Samanta, a representative and inventive voice of Kolkata, read out her poem "Time Takes a Toll" , while Bhaskar read out "Heart Knows You Better".Their guest poet Dasharath Naik's glowing tribute "Death of a Poet" was dedicated to the Poet. On this occasion, Veteran Bengali poet Nirendranath Chakaraborty was also remembered.

With thanks to Calcutta Creative Confluence and also with a new resolution the poetic evening with the Guest ended successfully ,followed by a small tea party.

A  glimpse of the poems read out at this meet-up is presented below-

1.Heart Knows You Better!
by Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar    
Eyes see eyes
But heart sees nothing in mind
And love freezes
In blood flow, almost frozen.

You cannot catch
If one doesn't want be caught
And locked in your heart's
Open chamber.

You can cook lies
But you cannot lie to your heart
And cheat your soul.
Your heart knows you better.

Why to evade the truth?
Why to lie?
When life is short, a truth
Shortening us in the circumference
With illusive existence...

2. THE DEATH OF A POET  (part) 
 *(c) Dasharath Naik

Now what he will do in this world full of shrewdness
his innocence all strangulated
and his strength of confidence
for existence he finds fallen.

The cry of his spirit reverberates but stays unheard
the genuineness gone to sleep in the morning
and he laments without any caring soul to enlighten.

3. Rolling Time Takes A Toll 
 By Nandita Samanta

Some days I don’t want to wake up
but, rings an alarm the body clock
a routine, my feet synchronised as a machine
unknowingly, with my shallow breathing
starts moving towards a monotonous regime.
I move to...all that means everything to me,
knowing that they’ll result in no credit to contain
neither will they have any attention to claim.

I often have a brief conversation with myself
in loneliness, my head buzzes with numerous questions
and, the corridor suffocates with its haunting sincerity
salvaging the cents of my ever malleable  integrity.
Asks to count the footsteps that really matters
when the countless to and fro stops, would anybody really suffer?
Yes, questions, bounce in the vacant abyss of my head
what would change if I’m dead?
On the wall that looks empty, bare of any picture of me
...some day soon one might be hung dutifully.

Again lonely, locked in the frame I’ll talk to myself
helplessly watch the chores being done by someone else
not the way I liked, not the way had they been done.
But then, someday their wrapping time too will come
As one is indispensable...yes, no one.
They’ll be beside me in one of the frames, for, no one forever remains.

4. A Poet Never Dies 
 by Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar    
(Poem dedicated to the Veteran poet who passed away recently.)
A life only dies in him
And he regains a newer life—
In each and every line of his,
A poet never dies
But his reader always cries.

His rhymes shine as a sun
With love, peace and harmony
From earth to sky;
The world holds his Flag of Truth
Over the 'grave' where he lies
And a poet never ever dies.
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Article by - Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar
Phtograph coutesy- Bhaskar Jha
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